Project 5 Logo



Description: This is a logo project for a floral shop in my hometown.

  • Process (Programs, Tools, Skills): For this project, I started with several sketches and ideas. I used Adobe Illustrator to bring to life 3 of my sketches. My final design ended up mixing ideas from a couple of designs. I decided to use a lot of repetition of flowers, vines and leaves, and made it feel very organic in rhythm. This brings visual attention to frame the name of the store. I tried to make it equally modern and traditional to appeal to a younger audience while maintaining the older customers.
  • Message: This is to advertise Rexburg Floral as a more modern florist – a revival of their dated logo. The organic flowers and vines balanced with the contrasting typography attempts to reach the older customers and a newer, younger consumer.
  • Audience: The floral pattern and script reach to the older generation, but more youthful color scheme and typography reaches to the younger adult audience.
  • Top Thing Learned: I learned about communicating to a new audience, picking legible typography, and how you can create a design using a hybrid of ideas.
  • Color Scheme and Color Names: Analogous – green, teal, and blue
  • Title / Body Font Names & Categories: ATO Bondoluo Peek, sans serif / LillyBelle, script




3 thoughts on “Project 5 Logo

  1. bendesigning says:

    I love border of flowers on a vine. It ties in so well with the message and audience. I also think you did well on your font choice and the fact that everything is lowercase. I like that because it says to me that rexburg floral is a laid back floral shoppe. Good work and thanks for commenting on my blog. Here is another I think you’d like.


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