P3 Activity: Photography


Light 1 : Outside


Light 2 : Inside


Focus 1 : Foreground


Focus 2 : Background


Composition 1 : Thirds


Composition 2 : Lead Room

My first response to this photography activity was relative confidence about my abilities. Starting out, however, it became apparent that it wouldn’t be as easy as I was expecting. My first images were mediocre, and I was struggling to find the right angles. What really helped was asking my friend to come with me and model and be a second creative eye.

As we explored our neighborhood and further into town, we both were able to see things the other wasn’t able to, so we were able to spot the best scenes and angles. We were told to take six images, but it becomes clearly apparent as you’re taking photos that taking lots and lots of photos from different angles helps to capture the perfect shot. Plus, it’s such a fun activity, how could you only take six photos?


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