Project 2 Event Ad


  1. Description: This is a charity event advertisement for a fictional wedding dress trunk show. I chose my favorite designer, Hayley Paige, and a cause I care about, Susan G. Komen For the Cure, to idealize an event that would make a difference in many people’s lives. Brides could come to this event and get one-on-one consultations with Ms. Paige and try on her designs, as well as donate to benefit breast cancer awareness, prevention, and research.
  2. Process (Programs, Tools, Skills, FOCUS principles): The challenge of this project was to only use Microsoft Word and scanned images. I started by finding and scanning my image (the Hayley Paige gown) found in Brides magazine, as well as the Hayley Paige signature. I inserted the gown image into Word, as well as the cropped signature. I used the “remove background tool” on the signature so the two images would blend together. I couldn’t find a Susan G. Komen brand image print to scan, so I made that from scratch by studying and searching the internet for a similar sans serif font and I created the pink ribbon with shapes built into Word. I did the most changes after my critiques on the bottom third with the event information. I changed it from two columns of information/date, time, place, to the information being justified across the page and the date, time, place split into thirds across the bottom.
  3. Message: I tried to communicate the dual beneficiaries through color and type. Pink is the branded color for breast cancer, and I took advantage of that with a Hayley Paige blush-colored wedding dress. I hope that the purpose of it being a bridal trunk show for the purpose of charity is communicated through the text.
  4. Audience: My audience would be brides, especially those close to someone who has experienced breast cancer, or empathizes in another way with the charity.
  5. Color scheme and color names: I chose to stick with a monochromatic pink color scheme to stay true to the breast cancer awareness brand. It’s a lighter shade than normal, but I chose to do that to play off the blush bridal gown.
  6. Top Thing Learned: I learned to leave negative space around my text, and that alignment really matters. Customized alignment is not easy in Word, but it turned out to be the most important thing I worked on.
  7. Title Font Name & Category: FogtwoNo5, Modern serif
  8. Copy Font Name & Category: Inder, Sans Serif
  9. Scanned images used, sources, original sizes, location of scanner used: I scanned the gown photo and the Hayley Paige signature from the June/July 2016 edition of Brides magazine. The original is 8×11 inches. I scanned from a home Epson scanner.

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